Letters to God Episode 12: Set Back or Set Up

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1 PETER 5:8

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.


This week I have to admit this verse wasn’t out of a hypocritical place, but a selfish place. I have been reflecting and working on a list of all the things that I think include becoming the best version of myself as an individual, but also in how I build my life. Then, I said, “Okay, well if this is a list of what I think these factors include, then I need to also make a list of all that bothers me in the WORD when I read it.

I mean verses that challenge me.

The details of your discipline in your actions and your intentions by formula, result in a version of progression as the outcome. And so what do I want that version to be?

When I am bored and there is nothing to do, it is easy to be passive about certain actions and intentions that might require your watchfulness. I can’t say, “okay God, I’m already working on patience and that’s just about all I have the capacity for right now.”

Well I can...and I did.. but I had to ask myself, “Miss Megs,” like I’m on trial looking in the mirror. “Are you implicating limits and responsibilities that are incompatible in the harmless habits you passively practice with your most creative dreams?”

Sober also means to be calm and collected, to have good sense, good judgement, wisdom, and level-headed in times of stress.

Just because you lift it up and pronounce your faith doesn’t mean it won’t be under attack from all angles.

As you battle the wars in your head, remain objective. Listen to your tears.

As you as you take those moments to yourself to remember to lift it up, feel at peace.

As you face your crossroads, with your eyesight AND insight, be watchful.

As you create your new house of harmony, have faith.

God is not setting you back, He is setting you up.


Song of the Week

Sing to You by: KB