Letters to God Episode 18: You are Favored

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Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

Episode 18: You Are Favored

You cannot place your value on how you THINK others perceive you.

People will always try to fill in what you are and who you are with what they don't understand.

But if they don't see you for how your Father does, then let them leave you.

Keep your heart open and move as you’ve never felt pain.

Because if we spend our energy searching for the imperfections and faults of others,

then we are not focusing our energy on creating our best self - we are just procrastinating what God is calling us to shift in and looking for situations where we can continue to place blame. But have we God in your DNA!

The sun is going to rise again in the morning.

God's promise is as definite as day is to night.

And if we don't know our value and that we are SHIELDED in favor

Because listen y’all, we have a bigger fight

This week I pray that beyond your own limiting thoughts you KNOW your value in faith and that you are gifted and favored and forever shielded by His grace.

Song of the Week

Kirk Franklin - My World Needs You