Letters to God Episode 22: You Good?

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Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

How are you is such a weird question, but you know what’s funny? (To me anyways) Is that, even in this pandemic - people still habitually will say “I’m good,” when you ask.

And sometimes you know you get the friends, that when you call them, sometimes , “how are you?” And they respond, “I’m good……..”

Sometimes you’re like, I’m not sure I want the honest answer right now haha

We have so much more control than we recognize over what we allow to influence us.

Darkness runs from light. And God is good. God = light.

Get into the practice of refusing anything that is the opposite of that.

So what is good? What is perfect?

Perfect doesn’t mean perfect without mess or error.

It means that something is producing the result of what it is supposed to produce.

And good means it might be messy but it has the hope of promise.

During this season, I am learning that there is a time to know three things:

  1. Knowing when you are at the start of a promise

  2. Knowing where you are in your process

  3. Knowing if where you are is exactly where you need to be

And so now, if someone asks you, “how are you?”

I want you to say, “I’m good,” and I want you to MEAN IT!!

Because it might not be pretty and it might be messy, but its your messy and it’s messy with the hope of a promise.

I just want to pray that you continue going down your path.

Even if you feel you are one of few on that path. KEEP GOING!

And every time you are faced with those situations of good and bad and good and evil and light and darkness - that you choose to continue to practice rejecting everything that does not represent God’s love, that doesn’t represent God’s mercy, and grace, and forgiveness.

And reject anything that tries to warp your understanding of all of the promises you having coming to you.


Song of the Week

For My Good | Todd Galberth - Topic