Letters to God Episode 23: Walk in Your Light - Season 1 Finale

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Above all else, guard your heart, for EVERYTHING you do flows from it.

Song of the Week

Light | One More Block & Brandon Watts

Episode 23: Walk in Your Light - Season 1 Finale

Above ALL else!

Above ALL other things!

Guard your heart!

As a man or woman thinks in his heart so is he or she.

This verse talks about your heart. Not your physical heart, but your spiritual heart

The core of our being;

Our personality.

For everything else in our lives is effected by it.

I have been praying on how to pull together a message that encompasses all the tools God has been preparing us with this season. And I was reminded God put on my heart in the beginning of Letters to God that if I learn to take my hits standing up,

"You’ll discover your strength inside..."

And I remember asking,

"Why God," haha "why do I have to learn to take my hits standing up?"

He gave me Ephesians 6:13 - put on the full armor of God so that when the devil comes you can stand your ground having done all it takes to stand.

God said get used to it - because your calling is in the conflict .

See, but if my heart is inclined and aligned to God’s purpose - my entire being, soul, the core of me - and the devil comes - no matter what is thrown at me - I can then learn to remain grounded. I can then learn how to more carefully discern what I allow into my heart.


I just want to lead us out with one final prayer - a prayer for everyone praying with me.

Let them declare:

This is my season!

No matter the storm!

No matter the season!

God you show me over and over that You are faithful.

Whether I am crying out to You for help, or walking through the dark;

You reminded me that when I am seeking an answer, not to look outside of me, but within me.

I can be blind but I can still have vision.

It might be quiet, but I still hear You clearly.

And I can have doubts and fears, but I know that’s not what You planted in my heart.

I know I can fall, but God I know that You are getting ready to use that little bump as a catalyst and momentum in order for me to get up and stand up and step up.

You taught me that sometimes I have to speak in the opposite direction of my circumstance,

but no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

When I find myself in a position to fight, my weapon is WORSHIP.

It might feel stagnant, but I know You are always working.

See the world measures your success by what you have, and You, God, measure our success by what’s in our heart.

God is getting ready to say alright my patient one - it’s time to go.

So take this time to do the work - align your heart - make sure you got the right flow.